24th of June ♡

One of my favorite days, R

It was a fine Tuesday morning we have an oral examination in Filipino. I was upset with what I have done on my test but then I was fine because of Ralph. I know I haven’t told you anything about him, but after few weeks of having a crush on Prince I have realized that looking at a handsome person and having a crush have a big difference. So Ralph huh, he is a tall guy, fair, cutest and smart. I liked all of his imperfections, how he stayed by the bleachers while others were playing basketball, how he hated it when he sees his friend smokes, how he hated some of the vices you thought guys would never avoid but he does and that’s kind of amazing. He is not perfect, let us admit that nobody’s perfect but for me he’s kind of a perfect catch. HAHAHAHA. We are in the same group in our project in Math so I can’t avoid him. When I picked my topic on our extemporaneous speech, he asked for my topic and when he saw it he cheered me up which made me smile. After our speech I walked with them they were carrying the podium and we talked like real talked like never before which I think is an improvement. They went to the comfort room, I waited outside but I didn’t wait long because Ralph stayed outside too and asked where I was staying. I guess I was blushing every time he talks to me. When Jayvee finds out that Ralph is coming with us, he said, “Sus, para-paraan ka lang eh. *evil smile*” I was bothered. When we are in the jeep, I asked, “Magkano?” (Even if I know how much.) he said, “Wag na, ako na magbabayad.” I was so KILIG!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I tried my best to hide it maybe he was just being polite. Then we talked, like talked again at the jeep because our two companions were busy doing their stuffs. When we bought our materials, we were throwing jokes at each other and laugh. We ate at the KFC, he said he’s going with me to order, my gahd he is not even stoping on making me blush. He doesn’t realize that it makes me very uncomfortable but I really tried my best to hide it!! Then everyone came with us. Sad life. HAHAHAHAHAHA, we were talking again. Endless talking I realized, I wouldn’t get tired sharing ideas with him, finding out who he really is, knowing him better. I love the sound of his laugh especially when I was the one who was joking. I love the way he smiles at simple things, how he frowns at me when he doesn’t understand what I am saying. Oh my god, he is just so cute I want to eat his face!! When we were eating, we talked a lot about girlfriend and stuffs I’ve decided to just listen to them talk like boys talk. I asked them if they’re going to the Kamikazee and PNE’s concert on September 17, they told me Ralph was coming and he doesn’t have a companion so I volunteered, my gosh this is an opportunity. After a while I asked them to go home, and we did. We bid good byes at each other and Ralph said that I could come with them on Friday so we can also do our project in Math, so at the end of the day I was just so happy and happier and happiest.

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Anonymous: Are you in love?

Am I? I don’t know what they call it but now I enjoy sharing weirdness with that particular person. I will know when it’s already love but now love is a deep feeling. I don’t know yet if I’m ready to fall deep.

I want to write something about them because for a while I’ve realized that they are already part of my life. It started with a simple grouping in aerobics. I don’t know why we need to practice so hard in so many days for basic steps in aerobics, how silly. HAHAHAHA, but then I had so much fun hanging out with those guys, they are so funny like all the time we will just laugh about nothing especially when we’re eating, we will just look at each other and in just seconds, somebody will start laughing and it’s contagious. Like the happiness I felt when I’m with them, it’s infinite.

P.S: Photos not mine

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It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote something. Then one afternoon I was crying on my way home then I felt the need to write. I was tired on the long stretches of surprises I found here in college. I thought it would be fun because I will have friends to laugh with, talk with in times of depression. I thought I found one.. His name is Rhenz Erric Repizo. He is so adorable, humorous, sarcastic and funny all in one person. Three months, it’s almost three months of happiness with him. College is never boring with him at my side. He is the one who will hold my hair when I’m drinking in the fountain, he’s the one who’ll laugh at my jokes even if it’s not really funny, he’s the one who’ll tell me when to stop judging people, he’s the one whom I can call boyfie, he’s the one who will get mad when I eat isaw. He is the one who’ll eat with me at lunch. He is my best friend.. or I just thought he was.

Today, I hated myself for getting too attached to certain people like him who never appreciated my existence. I know I sounded bitter but I know that it’s true. Today, I know he’s avoiding me. I walked with him on our dismissal, he told me everything. He told me that he’ll never put too much emotion on our friendship; it’s like saying our friendship is pointless. I did not answer. I don’t know what to say because I am too hurt to say anything. It’s very painful than saying I’m irritating. I don’t want to say goodbye but I think I already did..

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That’s what you get

This is another story. Papunta na kong Cavite galling Calamba at nagkita kami nila Benny at Prince sa SM to eat dinner. Nag-decide kami na sa Burger King nalang kumain kasi dun lang may vacant na table. Masaya we had small talks which develop our friendship. (Di ko na crush si Prince, friend lang pala talaga yung tingin ko sa kanya.) Tapos nalaman nilang nakapasa nga ako dun sa Lasallian Pop Band so pinapakanta nila ako. Eh nahihiya akong kumanta dun sa BK ang daming tao sa paligid. Edi sabi nila sa Quantum nalang daw, edi punta naman kaming Quantum. Tapos bumili kami ng tokens, pinakanta nila ako dun sa public videoke hindi dun sa private. THE FAK. I picked, “That’s What You Get by Paramore” nung kumakanta na ko. Grabe, nakakahiya. HAHAHAHA, chinicheer nila ko pero patigil-tigil ako tapos nararamdaman ko ang dami ng nanonood. After nun, ang lamig ko binigay ko nalang dun sa mga babae yung kanta. Nag-basketball nalang kami. Pagkalabas naming ng Quantum, sabi nila ang galing ko daw. Edi ako humble lang. HAHAHAHAHA, SHET. TAE, AKO BA TO. Tapos ayun, umuwi na kami. Nakauwi ako mga 9 pm na. Buti nalang fiesta pala ditto samin sa Cavite kaya hindi ako napagalitan kasi maingay pa sila eh. HAHAHAHAHA. And that is also one of the best days of my life.

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Going back

It’s been a while since I last wrote here. Well, my college life gets exciting as time goes by, I don’t know where to start but let us first go back on June 24th, my birthday. It was a fine and simple day. I woke up got ready for school my first greeting was from my best friend Darlynne. Sobrang na-touch talaga ako sa mga sinabi niya and I know na it’s from the heart and true. Then my relatives here in Cavite also greeted me. When I got to school, I was with Dave and Edrian, two of my blockmates, they did not greet me and t’was fine naman. Maybe they don’t know at that time when I reached the shed. Mark shouted, “Happy birthday, Kate Leen!!” then they sang all together. I thanked them and invited them over but they refused to come. When I entered the room, Prince greeted me and followed by everyone. HAHAHAHA. Huge wave of zombies were greeting me. Joke. Then on REED, they also sang and greeted me on opening and closing. Gahd, that was so embarrassing. On our dismissal, to my surprise my lovely blockmates gave me a present and it was much appreciated. I don’t know what to say but I’m thankful. I went home and I was very happy that I was able to spend time with my family on my birthday. Happy 16th birthday to me, I’m already 16 so close to 18. Yay!

The Next Day

They still have a hang-over on my birthday. HAHAHAHAHA, they still greet me. My class today is just English and I’m great. I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing. WHAT. HAHAHAHAHA. I have my audition on Lasallian Pop Band at 5:30 pm. So I have to wait after my class, we were supposed to go to SM but they’ve decided to just play Dota, so I have to hang-out with my girls on 7-11, wasting time away. On my way to my auditions, I saw Kyle so I called up to him and we hang-out with his friend at the CBA building. After a while I went to the audition, I was the 3rd auditionee. When I got there, I feel the chills all over my body. I have never been that nervous all my life. I sang Demons and it was epic… fail. I also sang Someone Like You and That’s What You Get which is a little better than Demons. I already felt like giving up. I cried my way out, I called Prince I was really crying hard and he was there cheering me up. I called Benny and Rhenz so I would feel better. I went to Kyle and told them I was fine and not to worry and I’m already going home even if I really don’t feel like going home. I walked to Gate 1 with my eyes on the floor I almost bump to everyone all the time cause I wasn’t looking on my way. My eyes are clouded with tears. Benny texted me and we meet up at one of the shed in front of the CTHM building. I was still crying when he saw me I can see that he’s already freaking out so he tried so hard to make me smile. We didn’t realize that it was already 6 pm and it was dark, the lights were open at the La Salle which made it more breathtakingly beautiful. We walked to the Gate 3, because we wanted to see La Salle at night, we walked through the bridge and it has lights on the side which made it more cinematic. We walked through the square, the oval, the grandstand, the ULS. It was a dreamy day; it was one of the best days of my life. We also walked through the Kadiwa Park which has lights on every tree, fountains and falls. It was very enchanted with Benny!! Hahahahaha, cutiepatootie ever. We run to the nearest jeep so we could finally go home. I got home almost 8 pm but it was all worth it.

I never thought that college would be this wonderful. I was elected vice-president because my blockmates think I am smart, but I don’t really think that I am. So, I’m enjoying the new chapter of my life now.

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This day akala ko normal lang ang araw na to. Kumain kami sa labas nila tita bago kami pumasok magpipinsan. Akala ko malalate na ko. Kasi kailangan ko pang maglakad ng sobrang layo para lang makapunta sa room ko. Juskopo. HAHAHAHAHA. Edi ganto ganyan. English lang yung subject naming today tapos later mag-eexam na kami sa Heraldo Filipino ni Kyle. Nung English time, nagkaroon ng activity. We need to make a short skit na nagpapakita ng pag-misuse ng English words. Sakto magka-group kami ni Prince. What the fak. Tapos dun sa scene surprise. Hahahaha, lumapit sakin si Prince tapos nag-request siya na magpicture daw kami, sabi ko, “I’m sorry I don’t take pictures with strangers.” Pero inside, gusto ko talaga, gahd. After nun, hinanap namin ni Rhenz kung saan nagpapainquire for varsity. Tapos hanap hanap. Nung natapos na, hinanap naman naming kung saan makukuha yung module 2 sa English. Edi punta kaming library, pagkalabas namin, umuwi na si Rhenz kami nalang ni Kyle. Sakto nakita namin si Angelo, pupuntahan niya daw mga kasama niya, edi sumabay na kami maglakad kasi dun din naman ang daan naming papuntang Admin building. Nakasalubong naming sila Prince, tinanong ko siya kung kelan siya mag-eexam kasi nag-apply siya for feature section. Tapos sabi ko ngayon na kami mag-eexam sumabay nalang siya. Yieeee!! Hahahahaha. Tapos kain muna daw kami, edi lumabas kami para kumain. Lima nalang kaming magkakasama kasi umuwi na yung iba. Magkatapat kami ni Prince tapos marami kaming napagkwentuhan, sobrang happy!! Tapos pumunta na yung dalawa sa dorm nila edi kami nalang tatlo ni Kyle at Prince. Pumunta na kaming Admin building para mag-take ng exam! Grabe sobrang haba ng exam, nakakahilo. Mga mag-5 na kami natapos, hindi pa naming tapos sagutan. Kung tinapos naming yun, gagabihin kami. Katabi ko si Prince magsagot, my golly!! Hahaha. Edi napagusapan naming ipasa na kahit di pa tapos, wala na din naming point. Hinintay namin si Kyle sa baba ng admin building tapos kami lang nakaupo dun sa hagdan. Grabeeee. Tapos nag-selfie kami dun! May picture na kami, odiba? Bongga. Textmates na din. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Tapos ayun, sabay-sabay na kaming lumabas sa gate 1. Pagkauwi ko ng bahay, nakangiti ako mukha daw akong tanga. Tinatawanan nila ako. HAHAHAHAHAHA, yoko na pls.

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Not expecting much

I’m so happy. I went home early kasi ang aga ng dismissal namin. Pero dumaan muna kami nila Rhenz and Bryan sa mga booth ng clubs to join. I joined sa Heraldo Filipino Literary Section, Pointes and Flexes and Lasallian Pop Band. Tapos bumili ako ng book naming sa Trigo at Algebra. Pagkauwi ko, punta daw kami dun sa pinsan ko. Edi sunod lang ako. Then suddenly, tumawag sila Simon sabi nila punta daw silang Dasma pero nagjojoke lang naman sila. Sabi ko sige punta sila. Tapos itatry daw nila. Haha, pinilit ko silang pumunta. Nagkaroon ng thunderstorm. HAHAHAHA, natuloy naman sila ni cutie pie Alain. Tapos sobrang namiss ko talaga sila. Kaya when I saw them tumakbo ako. HAHAHAHAHA, sabik sa tao? HAHAHAHA. Tapos ayun naghanap kami ng makakainan. Kumain kami tatlo sa Burger King, tapos nagkwentuhan na about stuffs and college. Masaya lang ako kasi dumaan sila dito sa Dasma to visit me. Aw, cutie patootie talaga. 

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